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Coffee, Wine, and Dine in Pike Place Market Seattle, WA

The sun is out, and I planned a girls day with my BFF to Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA.

To complete our girls day, we always include coffee, food, and wine. Pike Place is well known for their pretty bouquet flowers, restaurants and lots of shops that sell handmade jewelry, souvenir clothing, and sweet treats.

While we stroll the market finding a place to eat, which was hard to do, we settled with The Pink Door. Although we've always planned to eat there in the evening when they have cabaret entertainment, it was still nice to enjoy lunch on the patio with waterfront views. The food was delish by the way.

After we ate, we started our wine tasting at Seattle Chocolate Box. The place had a really nice vibe, and it was also connected to Cupcake Royale. They gave us our menu that listed choices to choose from reds, whites, and the sweet stuff. We were excited about the sweet tooth route. What's incredible about the Chocolate Box was pairing our wine with the tastiest chocolates. You can tell that was our first because we loved the pairings so much we bought our favorite bottle and chocolates to go.

We ended the day at Indi Chocolate. I've always seen photos of pretty latte art, and today I got my very own. I used to be a barista back in the day and wished I mastered latte art, but it was still nice to enjoy this as an avid coffee drinker. The staff was very friendly and informed us about upcoming events, what a neat place to host events with chocolate lotion awaiting on the wooden tables.

Pike Place Market has so much to offer, I'm sure I would visit another time. I hope you get to try out these places and if you do let me know whatcha think. Grab a friend, and I hope the market brings you new adventures.

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