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Mom and Daughter Date Ideas in Seattle, WA

You can never go wrong with coffee and a shopping day with your mom but it was a nice day out, and I wanted to bring my mom to Seattle for a fun adventure. I’ve posted visiting Seattle before and again there's just so much to explore. I surprised my mom with a food tour with Savor Seattle Tours. I chose the VIP early access tour to experience waking up with the market.

I find it so cool to get a chance to taste from different kinds of restaurants, a food tour will definitely have your taste buds buzzing. My favorite part besides eating all the food was meeting new people, I find it neat to know where their from and what's different from Seattle then their hometown. The people that was with us were from Missouri, apparently biscuits is a specialty around there and for us, its finally reaching to the west side. Gimmie all the biscuits!

After our tour, we picked up flowers at the market and ate again at Cantina de San Patricio. I didn't get a chance to snap a photo but the vibe was good and who doesn't like Mexican food?

We ended the day at Kenmore Air with a scenic afternoon flight of Seattle city. Our pilot was so great and taking off from water was the coolest thing ever.

All this food talking and scenic views makes me want to visit again. I hope this gives you ideas for your next trip to Seattle. Let me know if you tried it before or know any more awesome places to visit. Enjoy!

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