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Mom and Daughter Date Ideas in Olympia, Washington

I always think of ways I can spend quality time with my little girl. We love to hike and explore, so I chose to take her to Tumwater Falls in Olympia, Washington for a mom and daughter date.

We started by the waterfall near the playground, it felt very scenic the moment the trail began.

What I like most about this trail is it’s easy and mostly shaded. It’s perfect for a hot day to cool down. This trail features many waterfalls and even one you can get close by and feel the mist.

After we circled the trail, we ended it with lunch at Falls Terrace restaurant. We had front row seats to see the waterfalls and felt invited with their delicious soup and bread.

I hope this inspires you for your next date either if it's with your little, husband or best friend, it’s a beautiful place to get away.

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