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6 things I wished I knew before I had baby.

It’s crazy for me to think back 10 years ago when I was pregnant what were things I wish i knew before I had my daughter. Now granted, I know every mama experience is different but it’s helpful learning from another person’s perspective.

So today I want to share 6 things I wish I knew before I had my baby:

1. Invest in a rocking chair. Seriously, I didn’t think I needed it until I had my daughter. The only way my daughter would sleep was rocking her but instead I did it standing, I still remember how much my back hurt.

2. Be a part of any mommy group. Join a exercise, birthing or mommy communities. I wish I joined one so I didn’t feel alone in becoming a mom. Check out FIT4MOM in Puyallup, Washington.

3.Take a hospital tour. I didn’t know this was a thing, I pictured rushing to the hospital and everyone panicking but I was wrong. I guess you can say movies ruin the real life experience. If you want to be extra prepared, you can check your local hospital and have a tour.

4. Give yourself grace. I know being a woman, I always give myself a hard time. Whether if I’m late, I didn’t finish what I was suppose to do or if I completely fail at something. Motherhood is all about learning and basically what really matters is taking care of yourself and baby. Everything else will fall into place, just give yourself time and grace.

5. Take the help. I used to feel bad for someone who'd want to help me in anything I do. So I would take care of everything until I became overwhelmed. I realized I should accept help when it’s needed and to know I’m not alone in parenting.

6. Take a babymoon. This is something I did not do but wished I did. Spending time with your partner is so important especially welcoming a baby into your life will be different. Time will be less, conversation will end with, “Maybe next time” or “We can’t go”. Take the time to enjoy each other’s company and do everything else like reading, or going places before baby arrives.

Did these tips help? Share to another mama to be. Check out the latest maternity session here.

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