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How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather During your Photo Session

Winter time is so fun to dress up in especially wearing cozy sweaters, wool jackets, and furry beanies. Choosing local places to take pictures near Puyallup shows the changing season and how cozy it can be for family pictures. I also like it when it snows, it's like a winter wonderland here in Washington. But did you know, there are obstacles being in the cold that come with family photos? Don't worry I'm here to help you be prepared.

Here are my 5 tips for your family to stay warm during your photo session.

1. Warm drinks. Having a cup of coffee before you arrive can really warm you up. The kiddos can enjoy hot cocoa and whats great using warm cups to keep your hands for being cold, they could also be used as props.

2. Blankets. Bring a festive blanket to add a nice touch to your photos. Your family can cuddle while being close and wrapped over the blanket. You can take turns using the blanket while the other person is in front of the camera. It's a good idea to bring jackets to stay warm too and take off real quick for pictures.

3. Location. Pick a location that is nearby stores if we need to take a break and warm up. It can be the local library or coffee shop. If we're at a park, warming up in the car for a few minutes can help too.

4. Tissues & Mittens. Bringing tissues can prevent kiddos from using their clothes to wipe their nose and wearing hand warmers like mittens to keep everyone warm from the cold, you can even bring Hot Hands.

5. Chapstick & Lotion. I carry chapstick all the time, it's essential to have em during the cold weather and even bring lotion to help dry skin.

You can never be overly prepared if you have these on hand. I hope these tips help you and your family today. If you're planning to take winter pictures anytime soon, grab your free client guide to help prepare for your session. Looking to book family pictures? Message me today!

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