30+ Date Night Ideas near Seattle, Washington

February 16, 2019



I believe it's important to make date nights happen when you're married. Time kind of slips away when busy schedules take place, the kid's activities are on certain days and your mostly tired to think mentally straight.


For us, even the simplest things like walking on our favorite waterfront Ruston Way, going on a new hike or if we're short on time, trying a new place to eat. My favorite kind is a small shop that serves yummy sandwiches.


I'm excited to share my list of ideas and I also have a printable for you to make your own, bucket list style. Scroll to the bottom to grab it.


Here are 30+ date night ideas, a few places I would like to recommend with links provided that are near Seattle.



       Daytime Fun

  1. Aquarium 

  2. Art Gallery

  3. Botanical garden

  4. Flea Market

  5. Fly a Kite

  6. House Hunting

  7. Museum

  8. Picnic at a park/ beach

  9. Walking tour

  10. Zoo

  11. Segway Tour


  12. Comedy / Improv Show 

  13. Concert

  14. Broadway Show

  15. Cirque Du Soleil

  16. Movie Theater


  17. Beer tasting

  18. Cheese Tasting

  19. Chocolate Tasting

  20. Wine Tasting

  21. Try a new coffee place

  22. Food tasting fair

  23. Frozen Yogurt place

  24. Mystery dinner 


  25. Paint class

  26. Pottery class

  27. Cooking class

    Fun at Home

  28. Board games

  29. Relax by the fire

  30. TV/Movie Marathon

  31. Play favorite video games

  32. Cook a new recipe

    Women’s Choice

  33. Window shopping 

  34. Day at the Spa

  35. Couples Massage

    Night fun

  36. Cruising around town

  37. Drive in Theater

  38. Bonfire at the beach

  39. Ghost tour

  40. Jazz club

  41. Dancing

  42. Local Festival / Events 


Did you like the list of ideas? You can create your own by downloading this free printable so you can write down the ones you really want to do. Enjoy!




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