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3 places to Visit in Vancouver, Canada that is Kid-Friendly.

Ok, there’s too many to places to list that are good for families but for a one night and one full day here’s how we spent ours.

There’s nothing like a quick small getaway to visit away from home. We drove by noon and got there in the evening. It was pouring rain on the drive and by the time we arrived, it wasn’t quite too plan. I originally wanted to visit Stanley Park but it was too gloomy and well, we were hungry.

Before we ate, I looked up what’s near to visit and saw the Cleveland Dam was near. So we headed there to check it out. It’s a nice park and a short drive for a mountainscape view. I can see a nice sunny picnic day here. It really blew my daughters mind about the dam and how close you get to see the water flow. We called it for a day and relaxed in our hotel.

In the morning, we woke up really early to get to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It was worth being an early bird because by the end of our time there, there was a crazy amount of people on the bridge. We got to experience the tree top adventure and the cliff walk too. We ended up eating lunch there. I thought it was funny because my daughter wanted a hotdog and it didn’t occur to me that a 'Bridge Dog' would be a 14 inch long hotdog. She managed to eat 3/4th of it.

Afterward, since we visit Vancouver before, we went to the Granville Market. It reminded me of Pikes place but you can tell you in a different market. We picked up macaroons, check out a few shops and had to stop by in the kids market for my daughter's favorite store “The Panda House”. If your kid loves pandas, it’s a must to visit there. The kids market also have an arcade, kids toys and jungle gym. A good place to visit if it’s raining.

Overall we had a great time. I’m sure we’ll visit again and seeking more new things to do. I hope one day you can visit Vancouver, Canada and if you have before, comment below to name places you took your family.

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