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51 Reasons Why I'm Thankful for My Mom

Before I became a mom, I was in my own world. I got to do whatever I wanted with no care or worries but for myself and my agenda.

Of course it changed after I had my baby. My life revolved around her. Making sure she was fed, changed and happy. I cared about her development and how I can improve her skills like cheering her on to make the first steps, or getting over the fear of sitting on grass or choosing the right sippy cup so she can move on from the bottle.

There’s so much I’ve learned becoming a mom that made me appreciate my mom even more.

I thought it would be fun to make my version of reasons why I love my mom, some you may relate. This can be a good idea to make your own list to gift your mom this Mother’s Day. Enjoy!

Here are my 50 reasons why I’m thankful for my mom.

Thank you for:

  1. Being a hard worker

  2. Being funny when you don’t even realize what your doing is funny

  3. Being strong minded

  4. Telling me to not give a damn what people say

  5. Helping me plant my flowers

  6. Telling me to wash my hands and take care of my things

  7. Teaching me how to write cursive

  8. Being selfless and caring for others

  9. Taking care of me when I was sick

  10. Experiencing my Filipino culture

  11. Telling me to take my medicine

  12. Taking me to the doctor

  13. Letting me blast music in the car with you

  14. Making home cooked meals

  15. Showing me how to cut garlic

  16. Not getting mad after I snap at you and hang up on the phone

  17. Painting my nails

  18. Trusting me to drive my stick shift car

  19. Making my own photo album

  20. Helping me when I was pregnant

  21. Sharing your things even if it was yours

  22. Asking questions all day even if you repeated them

  23. Helping me raise my daughter

  24. Pushing me to speak up when something is wrong

  25. Traveling to new places

  26. Taking me to the mall and window shopping

  27. Letting me play until it was dark outside

  28. For buying me gel pens early for Christmas, even though you have already gift wrapped a set at home.

  29. Letting your house be my free storage space, even though I don’t live there anymore

  30. Being the best role model

  31. Teaching me the most important life lessons

  32. Supporting my addiction to coffee

  33. Treating me to the dermatologist

  34. Never giving up on me

  35. Letting me join school sports

  36. Helping with my homework

  37. Your encouragement

  38. Letting me raid your closet

  39. Cheering me from the sidelines

  40. Cleaning up after me

  41. Helping me make certain decisions but also letting me pave my own path

  42. Making me cold lunch for school

  43. Doing my laundry and putting it away

  44. Forgiving me if I’ve hurt your feelings

  45. Putting up with me

  46. Providing me everything I need

  47. New and old memories

  48. Saying I love you when we hang up

  49. Loving me unconditionally

  50. All the sacrifices you made

  51. All the things you do

Did this list make you laugh a bit? If you're a mama, I wish you a Happy Mothers Day! And if you’re looking for ideas to bring your mom anywhere, check this blog post here.

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