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3 Best Lighthouses and Beaches to go to on the Oregon Coast.

Oregon is a fun place to visit, especially the coastline. The weather is great in the summer and there’s always something to do. This time around we wanted to check out Lighthouses and new beaches we haven’t been too. If you're planning a road trip to Oregon, check out these places below.

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

Cape Disappointment is located in Long Beach, Washington on the way to Oregon. I’ve heard about this lighthouse and added to our adventure list. Although I do warn you, it’s a state park so have your Discover Pass ready or it’ll be a $10 fee to get in. What I love about this place it felt secluded as the cul-de-sac Waikiki beach provided soft waves and was safer to play in. You get the view of lighthouse and kids can play in the already made beach teepees and small stick houses.

North Head Lighthouse

Even though I planned to go to these places, I didn’t know you can go inside a few of these lighthouses. North Head was a short drive from Cape Disappointment and currently closed due to construction. We were still able to take a short walk to see in person. North Head was the windiest one yet but we had fun racing the grounds since as a family it's good to stretch our legs from all the driving.

We got hungry and did a pitstop at Rockaway Beach where they hold their biggest kite festival. First, we walked around to check out the few shops and debating where we should eat. We ended up at this quaint restaurant that immediately felt inviting called 'Old Oregon Smoke House'. I couldn't stop talking about the tenderest chicken strips I've ever had. I can't speak about the seafood being great as I'm allergic but I'm sure its a great place to eat clam chowder and the crowds favorite seafood they're familiar with.

Cape Meares

Our last stop was Cape Meares Lighthouse. Even though this park is small it holds trails to the famous Octopus tree and a short walk to the lighthouse. The popular viewpoint is known to see and hear whale migration, seals and sea lions. How cool is that? We didn't see any but we enjoyed using the telescope on location to view the Three Arch Rocks.

Overall, my family enjoyed visiting the Oregon coast, with plenty of things to do with kids in Oregon whether its summer or wintertime, I hope it's a great guide to get your adventure vibes going and wish your family a great time in Oregon. If you like to stay connected and add more family adventures to your list follow me on Instagram!

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