It’s crazy for me to think back 10 years ago when I was pregnant what were things I wish i knew before I had my daughter. Now granted, I know every mama experience is different but it’s helpful learning from another person’s perspective.

So today I want to share 6 things I...

When I first bought my house I knew nothing about the maintenance side of things besides cleaning, cooking and watering the grass. Luckily my husband is a handy man and has years of experience on home repair and maintenance.

We occasionally do a day date and visit our local...

Spring cleaning arrived early for me after the Christmas season ended, so I’ve been clearing out a huge amount around the house. From the kitchen and bedroom to the closets. During the winter time things kind of got a little out of hand but as the sun is staying out longer...

Alarm: !Beep beep Beep!!


A). Snooze


B). Check emails and all social platforms.

Do you start your day like this? It’s hard not to when your phone is your alarm clock and also easy access to the world at your fingertips but let me tell you one thing, want to start your day...

Tell me I’m not the only one who likes to go shopping?

I’m normally a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl but if hubs and I have a night out, we clean up pretty well. Stylish heels, a sharp looking suit and entertainment is something we look forward spending our time together....


I think about it all the time. Am I where I want to be? What am I currently doing? What areas in my life do I need to work on?

Do you ask these questions to yourself? While time passes by so fast, it’s easy to get caught up on binge watching the latest shows on Netf...

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I can never forget the time I was figuring out what to wear for pictures with my family when I was younger.

My dad would circle Tacoma Mall parking lot with a car full of growling stomachs, only to wait in a long line to see Santa. These mome...

What is life to you?

Whether your on a daily routine, 9-5 job or huddling kids all day long at home, you can become overwhelmed. I know working and taking care of a family is loads of work. The planning, cooking, somewhat cleaning, and maybe some organizing in the house. Wh...

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Rachel Lucero

My name is Rachel and

I’ma wife and mama boutique photographer right here in Puyallup, WA.


I’m into DIY/ crafting projects, creating memories for families and need lots of coffee to be a super mom. I’m here to create printables to download for free or blog about helpful information for home, self care and anything else that’ll ease the #momlife struggles.